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The tithe and your seed opens the windows of heaven for you, but you need more than a blessing, you need a harvest, something to sustain you for the long haul! So, if you take the abundant blessings received as a result of your tithes and offerings and you sow it into good ground naming what you expect to reap, you can begin a cycle of constant harvest! You will truly be a blessed blessing.  


God wanted many sons and daughters, so he sowed His one and only son. Three days later Jesus Christ arose and since that time there have been and still are hundreds and thousands of new born (born again) sons and daughters added to the kingdom every day. God sowed His son that He may reap back many sons unto glory because what a man sows is what he is going to reap back.


If you would like to help support Chosen Outreach Ministries, we would greatly appreciate it.

Chosen Outreach Ministries is a ministry that reaches well over 250,000 people around the globe and distributes books and teaching on the prophetic move of God. Our desire is to reach the nations with books, and teaching with the prophetic word of the Lord. Chosen Outreach Ministries supports missions in S. African, Haiti, and Uganda. 

Chosen Outreach Ministries helps support battered women and children in S. Africa that need your prayer, love, and most of all need food in their stomach. Children are so dear to the Father. We can never neglect them nor overlook their cry for help.

Chosen Outreach Ministries is supported only by your love gifts. Our goal is to spread the word of the Lord to every nation on earth with the good news of the gospel of Christ. Please help those that need your help, give whatever the Lord places on your heart.
Thank you so much for your prayers and your love offering to help further the kingdom of God.

 God loves you with an everlasting love,

Thank you,

Ross McMillan and Chosen Outreach


100% of our donations go to making positive change in the world as we advance the kingdom of God.

100% of our donations go to making positive change in the world as we advance the kingdom of God.