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Your Florida Wedding Ceremony

Respect and tradition are important in a wedding, but so is a feeling of vitality and a sense that the wedding ceremony reflects who you really are. You may want a spiritual wedding ceremony, or you may want a wedding ceremony that honors the traditions of your family, yet isn’t stuffy and has more of a feeling of celebration to it.

Each couple is completely different, and many want a personalized wedding ceremony that is written and coordinated according to their wishes. In addition, many couples would like some help putting it all together and making it run smoothly.

What you will get when you choose me to officiate your wedding:
  •  A flexible, experienced officiant with the expertise to plan your unique, personalized wedding ceremony, no matter what your site or what kind of wedding you are planning.
  • Your wedding will be completely written out just for you, reflecting your feelings and beliefs and incorporating your personal style.
  • You can write your own vows, if you wish, and include friends and family.

Additional considerations:

  • You may have selected a nontraditional wedding site in the St. Augustine area, a spot that poses unique challenges.
  • You want a more meaningful wedding ceremony than a Florida Justice of the Peace or Judge can provide--one that is tailored and customized to your unique wishes, beliefs, and values.
  • You may be looking to blend the traditions of varying backgrounds with your personal style and your spirituality, in whatever manner you feel fit. 
  • Whatever your background, we will make sure that your wedding reflects and honors your beliefs.
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